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Florence + the Machine

by Jon Pinney on September 22, 2010

My new favorite artist:  Florence + the Machine.  I’m not actually sure if it’s a band or just a singer, but I do know that I love the album and style.

The first time I heard Florence + the Machine was from the Eclipse soundtrack.  She has a song called “Heavy In Your Arms” that was featured in that movie.  It’s pretty awesome–very emotional, powerful, and raw (plus great singing and pretty unique).  So I figured I’d try out the album Lungs, aptly named because the lead singer Florence Welch has a nice pair that’s very apparent in her singing.  As singing goes, she is amazing.

My favorite songs on the album are: #4 Howl; #2 Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up); and #7 Drumming Song.  Below are links to the videos for #2 and #7.  Also, if you get a chance, listen to #4 Howl in your car with the music blasting, windows rolled down, while driving really fast.  It’s a great feeling :)

#2 Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) Official Music Video
#7 Drumming Song Official Music Video


Artist Sean Favero

by Jon Pinney on October 20, 2009

Sean Favero Being an Artist

Sean Favero Being an Artist

I have a good friend named Sean Favero.  He is an artist.  I suggest you check out his blog and his website to see all of the cool projects he’s got going on.

And if you like cool t-shirts, you need to check out this link… He invites guest artists to design t-shirts that are pretty sweet.  If you like them I suggest that you get one to help support him and his featured artist.

Anyway, just thought I would pass on something I think is pretty sweet.  Hope you enjoy :)