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Volleyball and Future Travels

by Jon Pinney on September 18, 2009

It is late and I need to go to bed.  I am already past midnight on a Thursday night, but just barely.  I’m going to post this and then be asleep.

Tonight I had so much fun–but it also left me exhausted.  I played volleyball for 3-4 hours straight.  It was a great workout, and I met a lot of new people and played with some friends.  I have always enjoyed playing volleyball, and I was recently introduced to two open adult volleyball nights.  One is in Roseville and the other in Antelope.  Then after that I went and played at the Church volleyball night for single adults.  The combination of the two left me starving and wanting to pass out. :)

Hopefully these volleyball nights will enter my weekly plans and give me some good help towards the six pack abs…

Here is a video that we took tonight… If you look close you can see me and Ty setting and spiking the ball into some other people’s faces… It was quite enjoyable.

On another note, I will be traveling in the not-to0-distant future.  I will be heading to Lake Tahoe for a day.  Then I’ll be heading to Chicago for a work conference.  Then I’ll be heading to New York City to help my sister move apartments.

While traveling is fun, I wish I could spread out some of these trips a little more.  Once I am back from New York City, I will be very glad. :)

Anyway, just wanted to give you an update on my life.  I am now going to bed.