Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

by Jon Pinney on January 22, 2010

Well looks like I’m way behind on my holidays…

I hope you all had a great time on New Year’s Eve, and I hope you all have a great year.  I will continue to work on my goals, and I hope you continue to work on yours as well.

I am still working on my new album.  I have finished six songs and have been working on many others as well.  I will hopefully have this second album completed this year.

Even though my six pack abs didn’t completely emerge by January 1st, I have continued to work towards them as well.  Since I started my journey, I’ve gained a lot of muscle and dropped from 189 to 175 pounds.

Anyway, I hope you guys remember that life is to be lived and enjoyed.  If you’re not enjoying life, then figure out why not and fix it.  Have a nice day :)

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