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by Jon Pinney on September 3, 2009

After hours of trying to figure it out, I finally put a header image at the top of my site.  I’d love to know what you think about it.  Please leave a comment with your thoughts.

The image was taken by Jenny Ellen, with cropping and photoshopping by yours truly.  :)

Sometimes I think developers write code specifically to annoy people like me (who don’t know what we’re doing).  I finally figured out that all I was missing was renaming a file.  Every site I went to for instructions failed to include that piece or how to do it.  Luckily (after hours of guessing and PG cursing) I got it right.

The following instructions are for anyone who is trying to add hooks to your Thesis blog theme.  You must do the following before any custom functions will work.

You need to rename the “custom-sample” folder to “custom”.  Check your Thesis Options/Design Customizations/Custom Stylesheet.  There may be a warning suggesting that you need to rename the “custom-sample” folder to “custom” for any custom functions or CSS to work.

You can’t do this from the WordPress admin section (at least I couldn’t figure out how).  I ended up going to BlueHost (my web hosting company), signing on to my account, accessing cPanel, clicking on File Manager (under Files).  Then I selected “Home Directory”.  When the file manager opens up, you have to expand the “www” folder, then the “wp-content” folder, then the “themes” folder, then click on “thesis_151”.  On the right side of the window, click on “custom-sample”, then click on “rename” above.  That will open a window where you can rename the file as “custom”.  Once you’ve done that, all of the hooks you’re trying to get working should be good to go.  Don’t waste hours of unnecessary time trying to figure this out (like I did).

Hopefully that will help others struggling to solve the problem I was having.  To everyone else, sorry for the technical description.  I’d still love to know what you think of the image.  :)

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Alaina Joy September 3, 2009 at 10:02 am

I like it:) Good job! I need to get me a fancy header now, lol.

Jenny Ellen September 4, 2009 at 12:28 am

Thanks for the shout out. =) Of course I like the pic, but I took several others, so I think you should rotate. 😉 Love you Jon!!! <3

Jon Pinney September 4, 2009 at 12:31 am

thanks alaina :) i’m excited to see whatever you come up with

and jenny, I’m just glad you were there to take it. Otherwise we would’ve missed an excellent photo op lol

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