Original Song: The Flame

by Jon Pinney on January 24, 2013

I just recorded another new song. This is only a demo, but it’s one of the songs I’m thinking of using for my next album.

The final arrangement of this will probably be different than this, but this has always been a song I wanted to share, so here it is. Enjoy!

The Flame
Music and Lyrics by Jon Pinney

I see you dancing in the midnight
Pulling me closer to your light
What exhilarates and calls to me
Are you good
Is this wrong
I just don’t think that anyone should be so strong
But when you call to me
I can’t leave

Walk away
Don’t stay
The flame is just a vision that hurt me
I need the flame
Not the pain
But when I get to close you consume me
The flame is just a game

Take my hand and make me see
That doing this to myself will make me free
You seem to be so good to me
Then why do I feel used when you’re through with me
And then you call to me
And I can’t leave


You’ve got me tucked away
I may not find the strength to leave today
But when I do I’ll put out this flame
And raise my hands in victory


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