In Your Eyes – Peter Gabriel Cover

by Jon Pinney on July 12, 2012

I just posted a new cover that I recorded last night.  I’d love to know what you think.  And if you could, please share :)

Here’s the link:

Also, check out this picture to see how I lit the room when I recorded. It was actually pretty fun to figure out the lighting piece.

This is how I set up the lighting and video recording

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Jonathan August 2, 2012 at 9:53 am

Hi Jon, I stumbled upon your cover video of Only Hope by Switchfoot and I shared it with my friends on facebook. They can’t stop raving about you so I thought I earned the right to give you a few unsolicited advice LOL. You need to sign up with a modelling agency specializing in print ads. You have a stunning face and you must take awesome close up photos. You have eyes that steal people’s composure. Wait for that big break in print ad modelling which won’t be long coming. Then use that platform to launch your singing and probably acting career. I am sure you are a nice guy but you need to cultivate a bit more mysterious aura about you. That episode of the Mormon Bachelor made you look overly eager to please people and you looked lacking in confidence. Most artists have a somber aura about them and you need to have a bit of that too. About your singing, you know that your voice only have a medium range. That said, work on your runs and other technics to keep your voice interesting. Lastly, stay a good and decent person like I sense that you are. People respond well to honesty. And before I end this message, watch again that Only Hope video, you need that look. Good luck to you mate. I am rooting for you. And can you please do a cover of the song “Proud” sang by Matthew Thomas on the UK TV drama Britannia High. Love that song. Thanks Jon. Stay well and more power to you.

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