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2nd Album

My First Show in NYC

by Jon Pinney on May 11, 2013

So today I had the opportunity to perform at a Street Fair on the Upper East Side. It was my first official gig since moving to the city last month. I hope that this will lead to more gigs in the future. Also, I have been out and about trying to make contacts and meet a bunch of people. It’s fun being in a brand new city with few contacts. Slightly overwhelming, but mostly just cool. I’ve met some of the most wonderful people. I also love the diversity here. Way different than Sacramento.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this photo of me performing. I will keep you posted on my upcoming shows and the progress of my new album. :)


Original Song: Let Me Be Your Muse

by Jon Pinney on May 3, 2013

Ok so I know it’s been a few weeks since I posted, and none of you know how much I like this city or hate it, but I have to say I LOVE New York City!!!

The moment the bus arrived, I new I had found my new home. It just feels so right here.

I’m not sure what will happen to me while I’m here, but I am definitely excited to find out. It took me a couple weeks to find a place in Harlem, but I have since moved in and love my apartment. I have one roommate who just happens to be from my home town in California (I know random) and he is a playwrite. So basically we’re just a bunch of artists making our way in the biggest city in the world! Super exciting :)

To commemorate this, I wanted to share one of the newer guitar songs I’ve been working on. It is called “Let me be your muse” and will most likely be featured on the new album as soon as I can finish recording it. It’s a pretty rough live recording from my place in Harlem, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. Here you go!

Let me be your muse
Music and Lyrics by Jon Pinney

I would be the one to cool you down
Take that fire and slowly put it out
Wrap you in my arms and tell you everything’s alright

I won’t be the guy that takes you out
I’ll make you dinner and avoid the crowd
I’ll give you a night that you won’t ever forget

Let me be your muse
Let me be your muse
I’ll smile the way you want me to

I will stroke the strings and play for you
Haunting melodies and sexy blues
Every night before you fall asleep

I will take you to Paris
Walk you up and down the Champs Elysee
Take you to Rome where you can be my queen

Let me be your muse
Let me be your muse
I’ll smile the way you want me to
I can be your man
I can be your man
If you just reach out your hand

I’ve never known a woman that was so hot and cold
I’ve never held a woman that was just so damn beautiful
And every time I look in your eyes I can see
That you want me

So let me be your muse
Let me be your muse
I’ll smile the way you want me to
You can break my heart
You can take my soul
Make use of everything I own


Original Song: Ties

by Jon Pinney on March 23, 2013

Well hello! I am now in Washington, D.C., staying with my sister, and loving it here! She wants me to stay here, but I still feel that I need to go to New York City. If after I get there I decide it’s not for me, then I will come back to D.C.

Here is a song that I recorded and posted to my soundcloud account before I moved away, but I never posted it here on the site. It is a little more melancholy and reflective than some of my other songs. I hope you enjoy!

Music and Lyrics by Jon Pinney

If you could see what I see
When I look at myself
You would know what I feel
Why I can’t trust myself
Cause when you’re near I want you
To feel what I feel
And when you’re near I need you
To understand what ties me to you

These ties pull just a little too tight
They keep me coming over here at night
They keep me standing by your side
Oh these ties
That I just can’t seem to break
Help me stop the heartache
And break these ties

When you touch me I pause
And hope it never stops
And when you keep your distance
I just need to close the gap
Cause when you’re near I want you
To feel what I feel
And when you’re near I need you
To understand what ties me to you



Original Song: Jonny Know

by Jon Pinney on March 5, 2013

Here is the song I won the West Coast Songwriter’s local competition with last year. I hadn’t recorded a demo of it yet, but I just did recently. I hope you enjoy! This may or may not end up on the album… we shall see :)

Jonny Know
Music and Lyrics by Jon Pinney

She looked at my face
She saw what I wanted to say
She stopped me right there
She said there was nothing to say
I kissed her lips
Said baby don’t walk away
She turned to go
Said Jonny get out of my way
She said

Jonny no, Jonny no, Jonny no
Jonny you think you know everything
Jonny know, Jonny know, Jonny know
You got know Jonny
Know Jonny know
When to let go

So I grabbed her hand
Said baby why you leaving me
She pulled away
Then she smiled mysteriously
I don’t understand
Why my baby’s always leaving me
Thought I was your man
Thought I gave you everything
She said


She said baby next time will work out maybe
She said baby next time will be better maybe

Jonny know, Jonny know, Jonny know
Jonny know, Jonny know
Jonny know, Jonny know, Jonny don’t know
Why all these women tell Jonny no


Original Song: I Can’t Say I Love You

by Jon Pinney on February 14, 2013

“Perfect” for Valentine’s Day, this is a song I wrote a few years ago and recorded while at school. This is also only a demo, but I have been thinking of rerecording this song and using it on my second album. Enjoy!

I Can’t Say I Love You
Words and Music by Jon Pinney

What can I say to you
I’m who I am
And I know I’m not ready
To be a full man
I’ve got dreams for my own life
And where I will go
And I know that I cannot take you there
This path is my own

I can’t say that I love you
I can’t say I will stay
I can’t say I will be here
When the night turns to day

Softly you whisper
Don’t let me go
But I already let my heart
Walk through the door
I’ll stay here beside you
While you fall asleep
But I can’t make the promise
That I’m not gonna leave


I can’t say I love the way you look at me
I can’t say I love the way your hair falls down your face
I can’t say the only time I feel alive is in your arms
I just can’t say it cause I’m afraid I’ll mean it


I can’t say I love you
I can’t say I need you
I can’t say all the things I wanna say to your face
Cause baby I’m afraid


Original Song: The Flame

by Jon Pinney on January 24, 2013

I just recorded another new song. This is only a demo, but it’s one of the songs I’m thinking of using for my next album.

The final arrangement of this will probably be different than this, but this has always been a song I wanted to share, so here it is. Enjoy!

The Flame
Music and Lyrics by Jon Pinney

I see you dancing in the midnight
Pulling me closer to your light
What exhilarates and calls to me
Are you good
Is this wrong
I just don’t think that anyone should be so strong
But when you call to me
I can’t leave

Walk away
Don’t stay
The flame is just a vision that hurt me
I need the flame
Not the pain
But when I get to close you consume me
The flame is just a game

Take my hand and make me see
That doing this to myself will make me free
You seem to be so good to me
Then why do I feel used when you’re through with me
And then you call to me
And I can’t leave


You’ve got me tucked away
I may not find the strength to leave today
But when I do I’ll put out this flame
And raise my hands in victory



New Music… On The Guitar

by Jon Pinney on November 15, 2012

Most of the music I write is on the piano. If you look at my first album, every song on there was written on the piano, even if the piano is no longer a main instrument in the arrangement.

Recently I decided that I needed to try writing on the guitar. So far I’ve written a few songs and I really love the way my voice works with the guitar. I’ll have to get some recordings up soon so you can hear.

As a preview, here are titles of the songs I’ve written on the guitar so far:

The cove
Let me be your muse
What love feels like

Will any of these make it onto my 2nd album? We shall see…


New Digital Sounds: Try This

by Jon Pinney on November 10, 2012

Here is another sound I put together with a friend of mine the other day. I’m still experimenting with Logic and what I can do with it.


Vocal Only Track: Part 2

by Jon Pinney on November 3, 2012

Here’s another vocal only track that I just recorded. I like the other one better in my previous post, but this one I also think has potential, at least as inspiration for something on my next album.

It’s called: “I don’t know what you want”. That is becoming the theme of my life these days lol… Enjoy!


New Digital Sounds: Vocals Only

by Jon Pinney on October 27, 2012

As part of the process for recording my 2nd album, I have started working in Logic on some beats and other things. The first sounds I’ve really been happy about came the other day when I decided to write something with only my voice. So, the recording below is a snippet of what could turn into a longer song or maybe just an interlude on my next album, or at least it will be inspiration for something new.

It’s called “Who ever said you’re not good enough”…

I know, the title isn’t that great, but you’ll see those words are pretty much the only words in the recording. Enjoy!