What Is Truth, True Religion, And True Science?

by Jon Pinney on December 2, 2009

What is truth?

In my opinion, truth is the way things are.  There is only one truth.  Everyone may disagree on what it is, but that doesn’t mean there are multiple versions of it.  The earth, for example, was created somehow.  It was created once and in only one way.  We may never know the truth of how it was created, and we may all disagree on it, but there is a truth.  And there is only one truth.

In my mind, the search for truth should not be consumed with tearing down other beliefs.  Truth should stand on its own and persuade people of its veracity by the pure fact that it is there.  And dwelling on why something is wrong is not searching for truth either.  If it is not truth, then why dwell there.  Look somewhere else for the truth.

On a related topic…

I have always said that true religion and true science are the same thing.

In fact, the purpose of both religion and science are the same: to find truth.  They approach their search for truth in different ways, but each still focuses on finding truth.

And because there is only one truth, if they could both uncover the truth, they would both support the same truth and therefore each other.  That’s why I say true religion and true science are the same thing.  For more on this topic, you can read my post titled “Truth In Fiction – Volume 1”.

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